Américaines Solitudes
Jean-Luc Bertini

Jean-Luc Bertini's statement

For about ten years, Jean-Luc Bertini has been photographing the United States following the road, in fits and starts. However, can we still photograph this country, given the profusion of its representations?
In American Solitudes, the author crosses the United States and asks himself about the place of the human being in this immense setting. He invents what Gilles Mora calls in his afterword “a poetics of isolation”. This is a fair balance between the contemporary photographer facing America and this humanistic touch inherited from the French tradition, which allows him to skillfully circumvent the “American photographic painting”.
As for Richard Ford, he questions in this preface the physiognomies of loneliness in this country: “In his photographs, we may have to work our way round to the uniqueness of American solitudes by agreeing, in nonbinary terms, that ours are ours.”

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