Sing me a song
Boris Snauwaert

Boris Snauwaert's statement

I’m fascinated by the way an image conjures up a world of feelings, meanings and atmospheres. In this series I explore how combining images in a sequence creates new lines of interpretations and how the images start opening up a set of micro-narratives. Just by juxtaposing new associations are provoked, new layers of meaning are tapped into that – in the individual image – lay dormant. By playing with the rhythm, the size and the order of the images, the sequence unfolds different story lines that seduce you to read them but that at the same time – by  continuously shifting “plots”, “characters” and “points of view” – are complex enough to resist being nailed down to a single story. The series itself is constantly growing and changing: images are added and removed, relative positioning and sizing are changed, subsequences are altered. Like a song that changes each time it’s sung.

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