Urban Erosion
Maarten Vromans

Maarten Vromans's statement

Planners, urban designers, architects. They plan a residential area, develop a city square or design a landmark building. They create a seemingly ideal world. Which only comes alive when people start to work, live and recreate in the created urban environment. When blades of grass peek through the pavement or scrubs start to overgrow complete sections of walls. When sun, rain and wind leave their mark on neighborhoods, squares and buildings. Over time our urban environment evolves. And gains in beauty, far beyond the imagination of architects, urban designers and planners.

Since 2014, Dutch photographer Maarten Vromans (1975) has been exploring the impact that people, nature and weather have on urban development. For his ‘Urban Erosion’ project, he mainly works in his hometown Rotterdam. Occasionally he works in other cities around the world.

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