A Manual For Silence
Rene Maurin

Rene Maurin's statement

A Manual for Silence is an ongoing series of vivid, colourful images featuring encounters that were, in one way or another, willing to share and explore their intimacy or identity via the photographic medium, deeply rooted in the silent language.
These people perhaps struggle unemployment, endure drug rehab, got recently divorced, ponder their age or struggle with other, publicly insignificant, issues. However, my aim was never to express such privacy via apparent and easily legible language. The images sometimes hide petite parables, assembled from the shards of their lives or memories, wrapped in the cellophane of an ancient language. In other cases they are merely modest games of visual elements lacking serious premeditation, urging us to posteriorly inquire for a signification. What, however, binds them is an attempt to express — if you want an observation of semiosis of a visual langue eluding convention. A gazing into a language that perhaps can not tell the whole truth, thus neither lie and delude.
These modest colourful icons do not debate matters that might raise anguish or empathy. Perhaps they are simply petite rebuses that yearn to rearrange the mundane conventional expression into something we can’t live without – the sense of identity, expression and silence.
This series is soon to be published in a photographic – textual book with the same title.

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