Manon Chemineau

Manon Chemineau's statement

Samara is a series of landscape photographs that documents the territory of the Somme. Samara comes from the Latin name of the Somme which refers to its tranquil character. It is located in the North of France between Haute-Normandie and Pas-de-Calais.
On the coast, better known as the “Baie de Somme”, the landscape attracts many tourists. Side land, the Somme is deserted, it is the agricultural world that dominates.
Man transforms the landscape as he wishes. Tourism on the coast, is reflected by periurbanization phenomena that leave “out of season”, a landscape often bruised. The department sees a growing number of rural city dwellers, including retirees and vacationers, a population who reside there, but who often live elsewhere. This department has attracted many painters, the immense changing skies, the science of water and light, the movements of the sea are for many. The photographs selected in this series highlight the quiet and wild side of this Somme “out of seasons”.

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