Scenes from reality
Graziano Panfili

Graziano Panfili's statement

Locations in becoming in which stories unfold, atmospheres and encounters occur that would not be expected in predictable prose of the reality to which they belong. This is what Graziano Panfili photographs, capable author of distilling from contexts apparently attractiveless appeal an unprecedented, latent energy and beauty. Their hidden vitality is captured in fleeting frames that lead back to visual memory images already lived because dreamed, desired, seen in a film or described in a novel. Scenarios are immersed in a familiar context that comes alive with new lights and atmospheres and is populated by creatures out of place, out of time, earthly and alien to time same.
And the viewer waits for something to happen, miracle or apocalypse, in the fixity of the shot captured by the flow of life and imagination.

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