On the waterfront
Wei-him Wong

Wei-him Wong's statement

Being a father of two sends me in search of new open spaces in a city I thought I knew so well.  Out of all the places I have found, I keep coming back to the harbour waterfront.  She is one of the most precious pieces of natural heritage that defines my hometown, like the Darling Harbour of Sydney, or the Bund in Shanghai. She gives a perfect unobstructed view, stretching from east to west, in this hyper-dense city.
The relationship between the waterfront and the citizens of Hong Kong is emotional. Every day, people come to the waterfront to stretch, to run in solitude, with a companion or with pets. They share good times and bad times. They laugh, and they cry; doing something or — most of the time — nothing, along with this linear strip of the city. I find all these little moments of life fascinating against such a spectacular backdrop.

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