In Visible Light
Sam Ferris

Sam Ferris's statement

In visible light is a personal project that interrogates my perceptions and experiences of living in Sydney – a city where the cost of living has never been higher and the sense of anxiety never more acutely felt.

For me, it is there in the minutia of the rush to or home from the office – the stress of finding a work/ life balance to ‘have it all’; it’s there in the tedium of the daily commute; the packed street corners at peak hour where masses are corralled but never connected; it is there in the moments of collision or happenstance that exist for a fraction of a second, never to occur again; and it is in the brief gestures or expressions that let slip the facade.

With every moment I feel the compulsion to photograph – to delve deeper and see life through the disclosing tool that is light. Pouring down its streets and reflecting off the expansive glass surfaces, it seems to punctuate my experiences of the world.

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