Fabricating Desert
Sinziana Velicescu

Sinziana Velicescu's statement

Fabricating Desert explores a constructed reality of the natural landscape as a result of abstracting desert architecture. The series focuses on desert towns and cities in the Southwest where much of the architecture both disrupts and mimics the surrounding landscape. Instead of looking at the more iconic architectural landmarks most often associated with desert dwelling, I spend much of my time exploring supermarkets, strip malls, retirement homes, colleges, convention centers, business complexes for unique interpretations of the natural landscape. These every day buildings provide the backdrop of the constructed landscape of the desert and through the isolation of their features, they take on the abstracted forms of barren mountains, dunes, plains, at times interacting with natural landscape and other times simply on their own accord. The result is a blurring of the natural and constructed world in which the fabricated buildings become part of the landscape.

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