On the Road (US)
Ola Billmont

Ola Billmont's statement

These photos have been shot along side of my Swedish project “Mellan Sverige” and you could say it’s mirroring that. I was brought up in Örebro which is a mid sized town located kind of in the middle of Sweden2015 was a turning point for me as both of my parents passed away within one week. And as my mother’s health deteriorated before dying I began making road trips back to Örebro.

During these visits back home I found a soothing quietness, an antidote to the pulsating urban rhythms that I have become used to in Stockholm. Something I needed.

Travelling in the rural parts of both in the US and Sweden I’m trying to illustrate my reflections of the newly found urge of quietness. Making these long drives down random dirt roads, not knowing what you will encounter, hoping that there will be a life affirming moments along the way.

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