All for our country
Arnaud Montagard

Arnaud Montagard's statement

This series has been part of an ongoing project I started last May in the state of Nevada.
The project focuses on the remote parts of the Silver State, highlighting casino cities that struggle to reinvent themselves.
Nevada is also the location of some of the most famous gold rushes that allowed cities to boom, back in the day. These cities then suffered tragic events that left them abandoned.
All for our country is an ode to the other America, the one far from the bustle of the city.
From a ghost town abandoned in the mountain to a coal city fighting for survival, these series depict a feeling of nostalgia and love for a country and its past.
In “All for our country”, devise of the state, the absence of people shows the isolation of small towns, as many left, and the devotion of those who stayed despite all.

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