Federico Kaplan


Berlin, Germany


Monty Kaplan is a self taught experimental photographer from Argentina, that is concerned with subjectivity, and his work can be interpreted as a subjective anthropological exploration of the world. Of an eclectic nature, Monty is at constant odds between his pragmatism and his sensibility, which often clash and warp his view on life. He believes the construct of our reality is not logical, but emotional and his work is fueled by an interest in defying our ideas of how we perceive this reality. “For me photography is a way of putting into question our own sense of certainty about the world. I’m drawn to these mundane scenes because by their own banal, simple essence, they serve as the perfect blank canvas onto which is possible to impose a new interpretation and therefore arrive at a new meaning. I shoot as a documenter but I think and work as a painter in my post process, exploring the possibilities of the image, i look to abstract, to reconfigure. I want the viewer to get as close as possible to experience the world through my eyes.”

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