Suburban base
Gianluca Attoli

Gianluca Attoli's statement

This ongoing series of photographs actually represent a combination of purposes for me – some intimate, some aesthetic, some intellectual. It’s a personal daily diary of my relationship with my environment, reflecting my penchant for observation, quietness and composure, and my personal affection to it which dates back to my childhood; it’s a homage to the area I live in, which is a typical suburban province of Northern Italy, but hopefully decontextualized enough to be a homage for any archetypical suburb, which can be often more surprising, quirky, elegant or just beautiful than one may think; and more generally it’s a reflection on the importance of exercising one’s eye, curiosity and sensitivity in any environment, even the most apparently trivial, banal or muted one. I do that by trying to catch glimpses of beauty, quirkiness, harmony or calm. We are flooded with “inspirational” images and travel or architectural clichés that sometimes may just lead people to neglect and despise their everyday routine and places, while I believe it’s important – first for one’s sanity and serenity sake – to relate more positively with the places we see, work in or anyway pass by everyday.

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