Some New Kill
Morgan Foehl

Morgan Foehl's statement

An ongoing examination of contemporary Southern California, “Some New Kill” explores an artificial landscape made manifest in a desert. My adopted home for two decades, Los Angeles’ amorphous nature is one of contradiction. Here is a place that fashions continually reimagined visions of our moment yet infrequently presents unmediated images of its own reality. A region populated by twenty-four million people, yet one so sprawling, it often feels sparsely inhabited, even vacant. In these photographs, prestigious awards are transformed into tourist souvenirs in all-night convenience stores, houses of worship stand empty waiting for unseen congregations, and sex and death are passed-by markers on the roadside. This is a land of unanswered questions and thwarted aspirations, neon and new construction beckoning fresh customers as the previous generation exits unheard, a tale designed to be played on repeat.

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