Makis Makris

Makis Makris's statement

It’s been already fourteen years since I moved out of my parents’ house, the family home where I was given birth to and raised, and I decided to find my own place, to establish a new home. But following the events with the difficult economic conditions of my country, soon I came face to face with the ghost of unemployment and later forced to return back to my childhood house, the parental home, leaving behind many of the thing I had created and put on the shelf any future plans. Returning home I realized that everything has been transformed through the passage of time. There was this new scenery in front of my eyes, intimate but strange one. Objects standing there for decades, long ago forgotten from my memories, now struggle to take place into my everyday routine. I decided to use my camera in order to capture this new reality, to photograph this old house trying to be my new home. Into this struggle, astonished, every day I reveal new things and new statements of what intimacy is

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