Benedetta Ristori

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East is a ‘on the road’ journey through the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. The project aims to explore the relationship between the past and present of these nations and show how the past may influence or interact with the world today.   A particular focus is given to countries which until 2006 were part of Yugoslavia and is immortalized what remains of his socialist period.In the project also have been immortalized some ‘Spomenik’. The “Spomenik” memorials are reminders of bloody battles and thousands of deaths in the concentration camps. They were part of the celebratory program of the Yugoslav government, in an attempt to show the strength of the Socialist Republic through a strong visual impact. Architecture, landscapes and portraits are captured in different seasons, from summer to winter, to show all the facets of this lands and deepen their knowledge and their aesthetics. The nostalgic key that acts as a conductor thread of the story is also maintained through the exclusive use of analog cameras. The nations that you see portrayed are Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Romania, Moldova and Transnistria.

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