Lloyd David

Lloyd David's statement

I have always been drawn to night photography, I love the stillness and unique atmosphere that you only get late in the evening. Locations that are frantic and busy during the day, are completely transformed to be eerily quiet and empty by night. Scenes lit by artificial light sources, leaving everything else hidden in darkness.

I moved to Bristol 3 years ago, one of the first things I did, was explore the city on foot with my camera. This project is my study of the city at night time, and the locations that I was drawn towards.

In this series I try to replicate how I felt while walking alone at night through Bristol. To recreate this I decided that each shot was to contain no movement or people. This meant, no light trails from moving cars, and definitely no one present in the shot. Takeaway restaurants empty, car parks deserted, and football pitches spookily quiet at night, lit by distant floodlights.

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