Arizona Pastels
Dino Kužnik

Dino Kužnik's statement

Human beings have put this system in place, where stress is present everywhere in our lives. In the workplace, in our social life; it’s omnipresent. Especially in a big and fast city as New York it can be very hard if you don’t have a counter balance to battle it and clear your mind of the negativity and anxiety that it brings. 
My answer to this has been photography. When it’s just me and the vast American unknown. This gives me a meditative feeling of freedom. I like to think it somewhat unshackles me of the system we put in place. No distractions, no stress, no expectations – it is my psychiatrist. It makes me more aware of my surroundings and clears my vision. I see things that are normally overlooked or seen as mundane and I enjoy each and every moment on the road usually not really having a plan on where to go but rather stumbling upon things on the way. 
The photographs are a reflection of how I feel and a reflection of my state of mind, which is calm, organized, and colorful. 
This series is my love letter to that feeling and the the desolate landscape – the desert.

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