All quiet on eastern front
Guillaume Chauvin

Guillaume Chauvin's statement

Guillaume Chauvin takes an unexpected approach to wartime photography in Ukraine: the French photographer has been capturing the open conflict and its violent aftermath in the Donbass region since its beginnings in 2014. His self-imposed mission is to create an “immersive book of war”, full of text, bright colours, “strangeness” and obscurities of war.

Driven by the desire to create something that one wouldn’t usually see in a photobook, Guillaume documents his own experiences of living on the frontline, far from the regular war-reporter hangouts. He fuses his findings and strong images into publications that mix “documentary, weirdness, fashion and historical archive”. His remote position has allowed him to reflect on the realities of a contemporary conflict that are undisclosed by classical media because they are complicated, contradictory, ambiguous, hard to reach, and slow to reveal themselves.

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