Md Enamul Kabir


Dhaka, Bangladesh


Md Enamul Kabir is a Dhaka based freelance photographer. He is also part of collective OnEdge Street. His work has been published in several national and international magazines, newspapers including ISP Magazine, FLIP Magazine London, The Daily Star, The Guardian. For him, photography is all about moment and story which becomes the witness. He loves his photos to be concise and cohesive and he tries to achieve the best result possible with fewer subjects. Apart that Enamul loves to take photos of animals. His work is exhibited in HIPA-2014,2017, Miami Street Photography Festival-2016,2017, StreetFoto San Francisco-2016,17,18, LSPF-2017, Brussels Street Photography Festival-2017,18,19 Summer in Your City-2017, Lens culture Street Photography Award, 2017, Lens culture Exposure Award, 2018, EyeEm Photography Award-2017, Sony World Photography Award 2018, Photography on a Post Card-2017, Behind the Portrait-Gulf Photo Plus, Dubai  and also published interview in many magazine and blogs including 121clicks and in-public. Enamul believe in “Being a good human is much important than being a good photographer.”

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