Gaël Bonnefon


Toulouse, France


Gaël Bonnefon graduated from the Fine Arts School of Toulouse in 2008. He has exhibited at Villa Pérochon, 104 in Paris during Jeune Création 2012, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles, Château d’Eau Gallery and Abattoirs Museum in Toulouse in 2014. His work is part of the collections of Abattoirs Museum, Château d’Eau gallery and Kiyosato Museum ; he participated in Temps Zero projects in Berlin, Braga, Roma, Thessaloniki and he has also been granted artist’s residencies in Germany, France and Israel.
Gael Bonnefon’s pictures trace a kind of personal documentary, traversing subconscious situations, distressed characters, creating a fiction attached to his everyday life

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