Balint Alovits


London, United Kingdom


Balint Alovits (b. 1987, Hungary) is a London based visual artist who mainly works in the photographic genre. He gained his BA in Photography from the Budapest Metropolitan University in 2014. Currently, he is pursuing his MA in Photography & Philosophy at Central Saint Martins. His initial works have been highly influenced by modern architecture and the Düsseldorf School of Photography. In his photographic projects, he seeks the traces and the relations between humans and the environment. Since the start of his MA studies, he has been experimenting with installation art beside his photographic works, influenced by artists like László Moholy-Nagy, André Kertész, Yayoi Kusama and Marleen Sleeuwits. Balint is currently working on a long-term photographic project and besides that, he continues his exploration of installation art.

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