Andrea Lombardo


Genoa, Italy


I was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1973, where I currently live and work as a web designer. I discovered photography as a child, thanks to my father, but it’s only in the recent years that I  started investigating it with renewed passion and with a more structured cultural and technical approach.

My photography tries to render the inner relationship I establish with the places I’m in. I like to think of it as biographical, as my interest is not just for the place itself but mainly for the way it affects me, urging me to press the shutter button. This is also the reason I love to shoot at night, without all the distractions that a living city bring.

I found a great connection with the hybrid analog/digital workflow.I like to shoot with a medium format film camera, forcing myself to pace the shoots as I proceed through the scene. I hate the hassle of editing and choosing through hundreds of similar frames. On the other side I find quite convenient to digitally process my scanned films, skipping all the analog darkroom work.

My main body of work is a never-ending ongoing series from which other projects branch off as I recognize a developing theme that I wish to investigate further.

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