Street Photography Now
Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren

Photography book

Street photography is now experiencing an unprecedented revival.
Through the portrait of 46 current photographers, the authors of this book show us the best of contemporary creation in a field that has not stopped to fascinate photographers, writers and an amateur audience of “decisive moments” (since the time of Gary Winogrand, Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank, four of the greatest Street photography names). All the magic, poetry, beauty but also the comic and tragic of our urban lives are revealed by these photographers who are able to report the complexity of the human condition with a rare eloquence.

Through four essays addressing the major themes of street photography and a conversation between several of the main protagonists of the genre, the authors show how street photography raises many exciting questions.

Funny, moving, captivating, the photographs gathered here vividly affirm that street photography is as rich as the man on the street – for those who know how to see and look.

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